2017 Locations


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I have several locations around Portland that stock my plants on consigment! I restock these carts every tuesday. Stop by for a visit and bring home some friends. These locations have the biggest variety of my plants.

Alberta Cooperative Grocery 1500 NE Alberta St
People's Food Coop 3029 SE 21st Ave
Naomi's Organic Farm Supply 3454 SE Powell Blvd
Linnton Feed & Seed 10920 NW St Helens Rd

I also have several locations in Portland OR at medicinal herb stores and nurseries that stock our medicinal plants on wholesale. We love these businesses and suggest you stop by for a visit.

Clary Sage Hebarium 2827 NE Alberta St
The Herb Shoppe Pharmacy 3912 N Mississippi Ave
City Farm Nursery 7636 N Lombard
Portland Nursery   (2 lcoations) 5050 SE Stark & 9000 SE Division


Starting in 2018 we will have our plant starts available for shipping in the United States. We'll have both individual plants, as well as plug trays.

Stay tuned for more information, or feel free to reach out if you are curious to learn more.