Live Plants

We will accept orders anytime via our website for plant starts. Shipping takes place between Late March - Early July, then again September - early November. We will ship your order as soon as your plants are ready and the risk of a hard freeze during shipping has passed based on your location.
If you order in July or August we'll assume you are wanting to do a fall planting and ship when temperatures have cooled down a bit, between September and November.

When we ship we remove the soil from the roots of your plant, wrap in moist paper towels, and wrap the wet root mass in plastic. Its best to plant your starts in pots or directly in the ground as soon as you can after receiving. We will provide some basic care instructions as well.

We are sorry, but we are unable to ship plants to AK, Hawaii or outside of the US due to customs regulations.

When you receive the plants unpack them right away is there is significant damage please let us know immediately and we will fix the situation. A broken stem or two on a large established plant usually does not compromise the plant's ability to thrive. Slight yellowing in some leaves can be simply from being in the box for a days.