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    Greetings, welcome to our site. Its a bittersweet announcement to make that we are closing up the nursery for the rest of the season, and for the 2019 season as well. We will be traveling for the year, visiting plants and ecosystems in various places and taking a much needed break. We look forward to sharing our stories and findings afterwards, and to re-launching the nursery at a later date. We are not completely positive in what capacity or setup the new nursery will be, and where it will be, as we may end up permanently relocating during our travels. Please stay tuned if you want to hear more, we…

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    Welcome to our new site!

    Thanks for stopping by, we are extremely grateful to be spending most of the year buried in seeds, seedlings, transplanting, watering, caring and talking to plants, dodging bees, and most enjoyably, sending little plant babies out to new homes! We specialize in medicinal plants, rare perennials that we are in love with, and pollinator friendly flowers. 2018 marks the launch of our shipping service which allows us to send plants across the continental US. We are excited to be able to get the plants we love so much out beyond just the greater Portland Oregon area. Definitely have a look through the store to see our selection and read about…