Gnome Grown Botanical Plants & Products

Alder Creek Botanicals is a queer owned & operated small farm dedicated to working with medicinal and perennial plants in a capacity that builds our own relationships with the plants and land we live with, as well as shares this process with our greater community. We offer Plant Starts, Cut Flowers, Fresh Culinary Herbs, Food Products, and Herbal Products. We are herbalists, gardeners, queers, witches, kitchen nerds, activists, and above all, humans trying to find & share balance, love, and community.

The farm is in Scappoose, OR, where we live as part of a chosen family that includes a bunch of lovely people, a variety of birds, a couple goats, and an amazingly adorable, mostly deaf alpaca named “Snowball”. Want to come visit? Get in touch to see if we can arrange a time.

Committed to Radical Values
We are committed to maintaining a consistent dialogue that drive our values and decisions. We discuss topics like power, patriarchy, capitalism, class, colonization, privilege, gender, community, anarchism, Co-Op models, magick, herbalism, love, and activism.
We believe that growing plants for food and medicine can be a radical act in itself. We believe that our history, as a culture of colonization and industrial civilization, has created an uncountable amount of issues to deal with; including displacement from place, ancestry, and culture. We believe that working with plants ethically can help re-establish relationships with the land and other members of our ecosystem, and can contribute to decolonizing our minds and bodies.

Growing Practices
We use organic fertilizers and soils in our nursery. We use organic seed stock when possible, and always GMO free. Everything we use is sourced as ethically as we can find, and are also sourced from small companies and local companies when possible. A lot of our seeds we also collect ourselves from the plants on our little farm. We typically don’t battle any pests, but the rare occasions we need to fend off some aphids or slugs we do so with non toxic & natural methods. We do the best we can to keep our nursery simple, natural, and full of love. All of the water used on our plants comes from our well & spring. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, just get in touch.